25 Best Premium WordPress Travel Blog Themes for 2017

25 Best Premium Wordpress Travel Blog Themes for 2017

The process to set up a travel blog on WordPress is an exciting part of both getting started as a travel blogger, and also as you evolve your site as your blog matures.  A big challenge is selecting the right WordPress theme for your blog as there are many thousands of options out there to choose from.

To help you get started in choosing your theme I have put together the following list of 25 premium WordPress themes for self hosted sites which are all actively being used by current top travel bloggers.  As well as getting the information about the recommended themes, you can also click through to see how other travel blog sites look using that particular theme.  Every site is set up differently using different plugins and using different features from each theme.

How the Recommended Travel Blog Themes Were Selected

Every theme recommended in this article has an attractive, modern, clean and simple look which caught my eye.  There were many travel blog sites which I reviewed when doing my research which did not make the cut.

If you see a travel blog you like and would like to find out what theme they are using, the best tool is the What WP Theme Is That – if you paste the blog web address and press go it will look up what theme and plugins are being used, noting that particularly the higher level travel blogs mostly have bespoke themes and not every travel blogger uses self hosted WordPress.

Note that this article contains affiliate links, and if you purchase a theme after clicking on one of these links then I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

6 Critical Features When Selecting a WordPress Theme

It can be challenging to understand all of the marketing language when you select a WordPress theme for your travel blog.  The six critical features that I have learned should be included in your theme are as follows:

  1. Theme Maturity. That the theme is mature and well established with lots of satisfied customers and a good level of support – be cautious of taking on free or brand new premium themes as they potentially will have many bugs still to be ironed out, and may not be updated to ensure they keep working when WordPress is updated.  Look at when the theme was launched and how recently it has been updated.  WordPress typically gets updated between 5-10 times per year so you should expect to see an update cycle of your theme which closely matches the WordPress update cycle.

Anne’s Tip:  I made this mistake on my first theme purchase – the one I purchased was fine originally, but it was never updated.  Over time many parts of the functionality ceased working and I eventually purchased a new theme from a different company (this one!) and have been very happy with the level of support provided.

  1. Responsive.  That the theme is responsive – this means that it will automatically provide a mobile website for Smartphones and tablets – an essential requirement for your theme with the strong growth in device based views and the impact it has on your Google rankings.  Make sure that when you view the demos for each theme that you also check the mobile versions – some themes can present quite differently than you expect on a mobile device.
  2. Theme Load Speed. That the theme will load quickly.  Google looks at load time as a key input to their search algorithm so check the speed of your preferred themes carefully. If the theme includes a showcase of current sites using this theme then conduct site load time checks on several of the showcased sites using the Pingdom Website Speed Test to see how well they load and look for any trends.  Note that site speed can also be affected by the host being used, the size of the content being loaded, whether or not the pages have been cached, whether a CDN is being used and a range of other set up options.
  3. Theme Features. That the theme has enough features to grow with you.  For example, a key feature to include is the option to create landing pages.  You may not need them when you first get started but you will want this option once your blog matures.
  4. Visual Page Editor. That the theme has a visual editor to create pages.  Again you may not need this option initially, but will want this feature as your blog matures.  The best option is a visual editor where you can drag and drop the page elements and have a good choice of different elements.
  5. Avoid Theme Shortcodes. Be careful of relying on and using the theme shortcodes – a shortcode enables the text to be a particular format or to insert a box etc.  You are better off using a third party plugin such as the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin.  The reason is that if you ever decide to change your theme, if you have used many theme shortcodes you will need to go through every post to remove those shortcodes and update your site which could be a big job depending on how many posts you have published…

25 Best Travel Blog WordPress Themes

1.    Thesis 2 WordPress Theme

The Thesis 2 Theme with the Classic Responsive Skin has a lovely clean and photo focused style which is used on the Travel and Beyond travel blog.

Thesis 2 WordPress Theme

2.    Magazine Pro Theme

The Genesis Framework is structured so that you purchase the base theme, and the separately purchase child themes which each present differently.  The Genesis Framework – Magazine Pro theme is used on The Travelling Type and Beyond Blighty travel blogs.  A closely related theme which also looks great is the Genesis Framework – Devine Theme.

Magazine Pro WordPress Theme

3.    SimpleMag Theme

The SimpleMag Theme is very popular with a clean look and is easy to use and the theme I use on this Pretraveller travel blog!  As I was doing my research I found other travel blogs who use this theme including Conversant Traveller and Girl Tweets World.

SimpleMag WordPress Theme

4.    Edition Theme

The Edition theme is a great looking and popular photo heavy theme which is used on the Flirting With The Globe travel blog.

Edition WordPress Theme

5.    Braxton Theme

The Braxton theme is more photo focused with less text which is used on A Southern Gypsy and The Wandering Lens travel blogs.

Braxton WordPress Theme

6.    Nexus Theme

The Nexus Theme is another more photo focused with less text which is used on The Further Adventures of Bennett travel blog.

Nexus WordPress Theme

7.    Presso Theme

The Presso Theme is a great balanced magazine style theme which is used on the Never Ending Footsteps travel blog.

Presso WordPress Theme

8.    Adventure Theme

The Adventure Theme is a great visual theme which is used by the Our 3 Kids Vs The World family travel blog.

Adventure WordPress Theme

9.    Seashell Theme

The Seashell Theme is a great photo and easily readable text theme which is used by the What Boundaries Travel? Blog.

Seashell WordPress Theme

10. Lifestyle Pro Theme

The Lifestyle Pro Theme is a very clean and simple theme which balances text and photos which is used on the Albom Adventures travel blog.

Lifestyle Pro WordPress Theme

11. Watson Theme

The Watson Theme is a very visual theme with lots of white space which is used by the A Globe Well Travelled travel blog.

Watson WordPress Theme

12. Avada Theme

The Avada Theme is a very flexible and popular theme which is used by the Journey Wonders and Luxurybackpacking travel blogs.

Avada WordPress Theme

13. Divi Theme

The Divi Theme provides a lovely balance between words and text which is used by The Contented Traveller and The Whole World is a Playground travel blogs.

Divi WordPress Theme

14. Sharp Magazine Theme

The Sharp Magazine Theme provides a great magazine style appearance which is used on the Travel Gluttons travel blog.

Sharp Magazine WordPress Theme

15. X The Theme

X The Theme is a very popular and flexible theme which is being constantly updated with new features which is used on the Gypsy Couple travel blog.

X The WordPress Theme

16. Newspaper Theme

The Newspaper Theme is very popular and provides a great magazine style appearance which is used on the Travel2Next travel blog.

Newspaper WordPress Theme

17. Pinnacle Theme

The Pinnacle Theme is a lovely photo focused theme which is used on the Globemad travel blog.

Pinnacle WordPress Theme

18. Odyssey Theme

The Odyssey Theme is a great photo focused theme which is used on the Heart of Everywhere travel blog.

Odyssey WordPress Theme

19. Edge Theme

The Edge Theme is a great photo focused theme with lots of white space which is used on The Fickle Feet travel blog.

Edge WordPress Theme

20. Redwood Theme

The Redwood Theme is a popular and great photo focused theme which is used on the World of Wanderlust travel blog.

Redwood WordPress Theme

21. Jupiter Theme

The Jupiter Theme is a very popular magazine style theme which is used on the Flashpacker Family travel blog.

Jupiter WordPress Theme

22. Genesis Framework Theme

The Genesis Framework is a theme in its own right which provides a clean and simple appearance which is used by the Zigazag travel blog.

Genesis Framework WordPress Theme

23.    Metro Pro Theme

The Metro Pro Theme is a beautifully presented and simple looking theme which is used on the Not A Ballerina travel blog.

Metro Pro WordPress Theme

24.    News Pro Theme

The News Pro Theme is very clean with lots of white space which is used on the frugal first class travel blog.

News Pro WordPress Theme

25.    Dynamic News Theme

The Dynamic News Theme is very bright and photo friendly and is used on the Redz Australia travel blog.

Dynamic News WordPress Theme

Good luck with choosing the WordPress them for your travel blog!  It can take some time to go through the options available and hopefully this article has helped you to find some great options which you can use on your blog.  If you have found a fabulous theme which is not on my list please let me know in the comments below!

25 Best Premium WordPress Travel Blog Themes for 2017

Note that this article contains affiliate links, and if you purchase a theme after clicking on one of these links then I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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