3 Breathtaking Bridge Climbs of the World

You can walk across bridges anywhere in the world.  But did you realise that there are only three places in the world where you can climb on the top of a bridge?  All three are ‘Down Under’ in Australia and New Zealand.  The standout option is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, which is closely followed by the Brisbane Storey Bridge and the Auckland Harbour Bridge Climbs.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Australia

If you look carefully you can see the silhouettes of people doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb on the top left section of the arch of the bridge.

All three bridge climb experiences had to overcome many issues to become established.  A major issue was to ensure they keep the visitors safe throughout the experience and caused no impact on other bridge users.

The visitor is harnessed from the beginning to the end of each climbing experience using a continuous rail which maintains their safety.  Visitors are also required to leave their personal belongings behind and wear a special coverall. Use of the coverall ensures nothing is dropped onto the cars below and also ensures that clothing does not get caught in the safety rail system.  In addition the coveralls are designed to be low visibility so that drivers are not distracted from the road.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb in Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb was the first of its kind in the world.  As a result of the spectacular bridge and location overlooking Sydney Harbour it remains the preeminent bridge climb.  After the initial concept was developed it took 9 years to finally open in 1998 and has been a fantastic success ever since.

You can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge at dawn, daytime, dusk and nighttime, and there are a range of climb options available which extend between 2 ½ and 3 ½ hours to complete.

The climb itself is surprising!  You begin by walking underneath the main bridge roadway before having to climb vertical ladders to access the main archway.  Once on the arch your group will take regular stops to enjoy the view and catch your breath.  The feeling and views when you reach the top of the arch are amazing!

Having done the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb myself I can definitely recommend this experience to any visitor to or resident of Sydney as a must do activity if their budget can afford it.

Story Bridge Adventure Climb in Brisbane, Australia

The Story Bridge is a major landmark of Brisbane in Australia which provides a dramatic backdrop to the Brisbane CBD.

The Story Bridge Adventure Climb experience is available at dawn, daytime, dusk and nighttime and the climb takes 2 ½ hours.  At special times there is an additional option to complete the climb and then abseil from the bridge into the park below if you are up for more adventure!

Story Bridge Climb in Brisbane Australia

Story Bridge Climb in Brisbane Australia

The journey begins with walking underneath the bridge roadway, then climbing up onto the bridge span.  The walk takes you up to the eastern peak, and then across to the centre of the bridge.  You then cross over to the other side and return, enjoying the spectacular views along the way.

Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Harbour Bridge is a major landmark of Auckland in New Zealand.

The Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb experience is available during the daytime and requires 2 hours to complete.  You have the option of adding a bungy jump from the Auckland Harbour Bridge to increase the thrill factor!

Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb in Auckland New Zealand

Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb in Auckland New Zealand

The Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb begins beneath the roadway, then ascends up onto the arch.  Specially constructed walkways enable you to climb to the peak and watch the bungy action in progress.  At the peak you can also enjoy the amazing views over Auckland Harbour before returning.


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Have you experienced any of the bridge climbs?  Please share your experience in the comments below.


  • I can imagine the views from these bridges and the adrenaline rush while up there. I’ve been to Sydney and Auckland but only admired the bridges from below. We thought of doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb but now regret not doing it. Great reasons to go back!

  • I can well imagine the views from the top of the bridge. Need to plan a visit to Australia sometime. You have some lovely pictures here.

  • I haven’t done any of these, but they are definitely on my list of adrenalin experiences 🙂

    • Jo, thanks for your comment.

      I have done the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb and it was amazing, but now that I am living in Brisbane I am planning to do the Story Bridge climb as well. And maybe if I get to Auckland sometime soon I will add the Auckland Harbour Bridge to my experience list!

  • Sean says:

    I’ve done the Auckland Harbour Bridge and it was awesome! I’m quite scared of heights so it was a real rush to do it. I’m keen to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge too when I get the chance.

    • Sean, thanks for your comment.

      Having done the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb myself I can assure you that it is a fantastic experience. If you have already climbed the Auckland bridge then hopefully you should be able to do this one too.

  • Dave Hines says:

    I did the Sydney Bridge Climb in 2012. Worth the money, in my opinion. It’s just enough of a thrill for somebody like me with a bit of a fear of heights. One bit of advice: the scariest part happens at the beginning. You traverse grated catwalks and climb some steep stairs. You can see the ground below your feet, which is a bit unsettling. This is all part of getting to the top driving deck of the bridge. Once you get there, however, the rest is smooth sailing, just great views and sunshine (with luck).

  • Mel Webb says:

    I can tick 3 things off my bucket list now. Ive climbed all 3 bridges!!!! views are amazing on all 3 climbs. Would definately do the bridge climbs again (with the added extras like abseiling & bungy)

  • Sonia Schmid says:

    My husband and I did the “Twilight Story Bridge tour”. It was absolutely stunning and an incredible experience. The views were breath-taking. Highly recommend this tour to anyone of all ages. Definately not over challenging and something everyone should do at some stage of their lives. Enjoy to those that do. Go for it!

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