Wrap Up: Australian Whale Watching

Wrap Up - Australian Whale Watching

There are some facets of nature which are simply amazing.  The annual migration of humpback and southern right whales along the Australian South, West and East coastlines is one of those. Australian Whaling History Each year the whales migrate from the cold nutrient rich depths of Antarctica to the Australian coastline to mate and give … Read more

Reader Mailbag: Which Pre-Paid Australian SIM Card Should I Purchase?

Mobile or Cell Phone SIM Cards

If you plan to visit Australia then you are probably planning to purchase a SIM card for your mobile or cell phone when you arrive, right?  You might plan to purchase your SIM card based on price alone, but before you take that step I suggest you stop and do a little more research first. … Read more

Escaping the Corporate Wilderness: The @RedNomadOz Australian Road Trip Solution!

RedNomadOz at Yourambulla Caves, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

In Australia there are a large number of people who become ‘Grey Nomads’ when they retire, which is euphemism for people with grey hair who buy a 4WD and a caravan (a ‘rig’) who then head off to explore Australia over an extended period of time. By contrast  some younger people also undertake this iconic … Read more

8 Seriously Scary Australian Animals (Or Are They?)

Taipan Snake, Australia

The boat carefully edged into the verdant deceptively peaceful Kakadu billabong whilst we kept a close watch for the apex predator.  Our guide called ‘over there’!  The massive deadly saltwater crocodile calmly watched us with thoughts of dinner in his eyes.  I restrained my internal shudder resulting from being so close to such a dangerous … Read more

10 More Hedonistic Australian Hot Springs You Haven’t Tried Yet

Zebedee Hot Springs at El Questro Station, Western Australia

In most countries there is a definable link between volcanic activity and hot springs.  Australia is the exception to the rule as there are no live volcanos on continental Australia.  Yet there are a surprising number of hot springs across the Australian continent. Australian hot springs come in one of three types.  The first type … Read more

6 Terrific Australian Tall Towers You Haven’t Tried Yet

Black Mountain Tower in Canberra, Australia

The lofty view over the magnitude of Sydney Harbour was amazing.  The swirling grey rain clouds circling the Sydney Tower observation deck only added to the experience of contemplating the vastness of Sydney and surrounds. Across Australia there are an excellent variety of tourist accessible tall tower experiences.  All except one have elevators available to … Read more

3 Breathtaking Bridge Climbs of the World

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Australia

You can walk across bridges anywhere in the world.  But did you realise that there are only three places in the world where you can climb on the top of a bridge?  All three are ‘Down Under’ in Australia and New Zealand.  The standout option is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, which is closely followed … Read more

8 Tranquil Australian Treetop Adventures You Haven’t Tried Yet

Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, Western Australia

Every turn through the rainforest treetops revealed new treasures.  We felt a sense of awe from being so high above the forest floor.  Our elevated walking tour through the quiet canopy of the Otway rainforest brought me an unexpected sense of serenity. Walking on the ground through a forest is a wonderful experience. Having the … Read more

6 Super Australian Sand Dune Slides You Haven’t Tried Yet

6 Super Australian Sand Dune Slides

The steep divots up the red sand dune seemed to go on forever. On what felt like my 100th trek up the hill with my surprisingly energetic children I decided that this was the last time. After finally reaching the top I took a moment to catch my breath with a side benefit of being able to enjoy the amazing view across the red sand dunes.