Photo Essay: Floriade Night and Day

Photo Essay - Floriade Day and Night

As we turned the corner our spirits lightened upon seeing an amazing display of ever changing lights, music and flowers.  Not just any flowers – these were the largest inflatable flowers we have ever seen!  Our children giggled and pointed at the fairy wonderland before us and danced along with the music as we slowly … Read more

Wrap Up: Australian Whale Watching

Wrap Up - Australian Whale Watching

There are some facets of nature which are simply amazing.  The annual migration of humpback and southern right whales along the Australian South, West and East coastlines is one of those. Australian Whaling History Each year the whales migrate from the cold nutrient rich depths of Antarctica to the Australian coastline to mate and give … Read more

Wrap Up: Climbing Mt Kosciusko

View over the Snowy Mountains near Mt Kosciusko in Australia

Back in 2008 I was inspired to do a bushwalk to the highest ten peaks in Australia, including the highest peak of Mt Kosciusko. I managed to get a group together, we planned, we trained – but on the weekend before we were due to depart blizzard conditions set in and we decided that it … Read more