The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Australia Zoo near Brisbane

The Ultimate Local's Guide to Australia Zoo

I am going to be blunt – crocodiles scare me.  Having visited Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory multiple times, I have a healthy respect for these prolific apex predators.  If you want to learn more about crocodiles then Australia Zoo is the iconic place to visit as a result of Steve Irwin’s popular … Read more

Gondwana Rainforests of Australia: Exploring Beautiful Natural Bridge

First View of the Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park, Queensland

As we descended the moist steps through the lush rainforest we started to hear the sound of running water.  LOTS of water.  A dark open cave appeared before us and in a bright ray of light we finally saw it.  The amazing waterfall which runs across and then down the stone arch and into the … Read more

Reader Mailbag: Road Trip from Brisbane to Uluru and Darwin

On the road to Uluru, Central Australia

Christine recently asked for advice on options to take a road trip from their home town of Brisbane to visit both Uluru and Darwin.  They have a 4WD vehicle and have only four weeks of holiday leave available. Australia Travel Planning Facebook Group Check out our Australia Travel Planning Facebook Group – you are welcome to … Read more

Review: Brisbane CityCycle Bicycle Hire Scheme

Pleasant Cycling along the Traffic Free Bicentennial Cycleway in Brisbane

I felt like I was flying along the bike path as the glowing sun rose over the mirror-like surface of the Brisbane River.  The sensations of those perfect moments created a sustained feeling of joy as I moved through the rest of my week. I recently visited Brisbane for a week and was staying in … Read more

Awesome Australian 2WD Road Trips: Rockhampton to Bowen

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef Australia

The coastal drive between Brisbane and Cairns is one of the most popular in Australia.  The combination of lovely beaches, beautiful islands, national parks, Australian history, Australian wildlife, the Great Barrier Reef and gourmet food experiences make the drive an attractive option for many visitors. Interestingly most of the best places to visit are within … Read more