Best Europe Sim Cards for Tourists in 2020

Best Europe Sim Cards

Between us, we have travelled to Europe multiple times over almost thirty years. Nowadays, if we want to easily stay in touch with family and friends, purchasing a Europe sim card is a fantastic option for us. Europe sim cards also make it easy for you to find your way around unfamiliar places, make sense … Read more

How to Have an Amazing Wilderness Experience with Tours Expedition Ottawa

Review - Tours Expedition Ottawa

As we hiked through the gentle undulating trail through the quiet maple forest I felt pleased that I had made the effort to explore outside the city of Ottawa in Canada.  After a week of significant long distance travel and high intensity activities the hike was a perfect option to refresh and take the opportunity to see … Read more

How to Explore the National Mall in Washington DC Without a Guidebook

How To Explore the National Mall in Washington DC Without a Guidebook

It felt somewhat surreal as I took in the amazing blue sky view over the National Mall from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.  Having a short window of time to explore such a significant location had been an unexpected surprise and a real pleasure. My opportunity to explore Washington DC arose … Read more

Wrap Up: Ultimate Canadian Icefields Parkway Road Trip

Views along the Icefields Parkway in Canada

The dream of a road trip along the Canadian Icefields Parkway has been an essential part of our future trip plans for a few years now.  The idea of traversing the 260 kilometre road between Banff and Jasper and experiencing both the amazing landscapes and awesome wildlife sits as a slow burning desire which we … Read more

Wrap Up: How to Indulge in Over 100 New Zealand Hot Springs

New Zealand Hot Spring and Spa

You can’t visit New Zealand without indulging in at least one hot spring.  New Zealand is a volcanic country so hot springs are everywhere.  They range from the luxurious manicured hot springs of the Rotorua region to ‘locals only’ free hot springs within beaches, rivers and other nooks and crannies.  If you love to hike … Read more

Wrap Up: Rome Wasn’t Built (or Visited!) in a Day

View over the Roman Forum from Colosseum, Rome

You can’t visit Rome without being almost overwhelmed by history.  At every turn there is yet another historical artefact and story which can boggle the mind. I have found three great articles to help you to make the most of your visit to Rome.  Having already visited Rome twice myself the first article will help … Read more

Wrap Up: Best Vietnam Travel Tips

A view over Halong Bay in Vietnam

The thought of visiting Vietnam conjures images of hustle bustle cities, amazing landscapes and fantastic food. We are currently thinking about Vietnam as a possible option for our next family holiday, and I came across three great articles to share with to help fire your inspiration to visit this amazing country. Vietnam Fantasy Five: The … Read more

Shock and Awe: The National Museum of the United States Air Force

A B-52 and many other aircraft at the National Museum of the USAF

How many billions of dollars of advanced aviation research can you fit inside three (and soon to be four) massive aircraft hangars?  The National Museum of the United States Air Force (USAF) in Dayton, Ohio provides a jaw dropping collection of military aircraft, spacecraft and rockets which detail the history of aviation from a military … Read more