Try Out Taiko Drumming in Tokyo

Taiko Drumming Tokyo

The sound of taiko drums has been described as the heartbeat of Japan. Particularly when played in a group the sound is powerful and very primal. In the hands of skilled practitioners, taiko drumming is also visually spectacular. A high-level performance is equal parts dance, music and martial arts. Great taiko performances sound fantastic and … Read more

How to Buy Sumo Wrestling Online Tickets in 2020

When we were planning our recent trip to Japan we decided early that we were keen to see a sumo wrestling tournament in Tokyo during our visit as a different way to experience the Japanese culture – and it certainly was a great experience which I would definitely recommend to other visitors to Japan! You … Read more

Tokyo From the Sky: Our Tokyo Helicopter Tour Experience

Tokyo From the Sky - Our Tokyo Helicopter Tour Experience

On our recent visit to Japan we had the pleasure of going on a Tokyo helicopter tour from Urayasu Heliport, which is located in the Tokyo Disney Resort area.  Below is our detailed overview of this awesome experience you can also have when you visit Tokyo! We really enjoyed flying a large loop around Tokyo, … Read more