Top Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs for 2016

Top Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs for 2016

Welcome to the 2016 edition of the ranked list of the top Australian and New Zealand travel blogs.  For the first version of this list I have assessed and ranked 138 travel blogs, and I expect to add more blogs to this list following publication so that it is comprehensive.  The new post of Top Australian … Read more

11 Essentials for an Authentic Aussie Christmas Season

New Years Eve in Sydney Australia

My husband excitedly mentioned that The Ashes test cricket series was about to commence.  Inside I cringed with dread whilst trying to respond positively to his excitement.  But while I personally find cricket boring it is also a signal that summer is commencing and that it is almost the Christmas holiday season! In Australia Christmas … Read more

Pretraveller Overview

The aim of the PreTraveller blog is to give travellers a starting point to research both common and less common travelling questions. Most travellers want to feel confident about their journey before departure, and knowledge is definitely power for the average traveller. The better preparation you have undertaken will give you the best chance of making the most of your precious leave time and money.