Travel Like a Local – At Home

Who can honestly state that they have explored every interesting nook and cranny of their home town?

Road to Broken Hill

Who can honestly state that they have explored every interesting nook and cranny of their home town?

When we talk about travelling we routinely select a far flung place to go and explore, but often forget that our own home place is also worth exploring.  We can also forget that distant travel can be quite expensive when compared to travelling in and around your home location.

How can you make the most of travel opportunities in your home location?

Day Trips

Getting out and about on regular day trips to visit local travel options is a great way to progressively explore your home location.  Select places which are within a 1-2 hour drive or public transport ride from your home.  You can choose from tourist sights, shopping, short hikes, national parks, picnic grounds, restaurants and tourist drives.

Other good day trip options are local markets, festivals and other events.

Weekend Getaways

Periodic weekend getaways are really beneficial to enable you to rest and revive.  Consider getaway options which are located within a 3-4 hour drive, public transport or flight from your home.

Depending on your budget you can look for accommodation options ranging from luxury to cheap.  Also decide whether you intend have a relaxing weekend away or whether you want to be active.

Weekends are also good options for short camping and hiking holidays.

Road Trips

Road trips are a great way to explore your local area, and can range from a daytrip, weekend away or a longer 1-2 week trip.  Going for a driving tour is a great way to explore your local area.

Just get in your car and go!  If you have a week or two off you can explore a reasonably large distance.  Again you can choose to travel in luxury or on a budget, where you can choose to stay in hotels or go camping.

Last year we did an Outback Australia road trip where we travelled over 3400 km (2100 mi) in ten days!  We saw some amazing sights and had some amazing experiences during that trip.

Do you make the effort to get out and about in your local area?  Please share your experience in the comments below.

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