How to Buy Yomiuri Giants Baseball Tickets in the Tokyo Dome in 2017

How to Purchase Online Yomiuri Giants Tickets in the Tokyo Dome

Japanese baseball games are an amazing experience!  After hearing about the Japanese love of baseball we decided that we definitely wanted to attend a baseball game during our family trip to Japan.  We attended a sold out match of Yomiuri Giants vs Hanshin Tigers in the Tokyo Dome and really enjoyed the total experience.

We really loved how much the crowd got into supporting their teams, the chants and drums and the sheer excitement each time a goal was scored!  As a result we definitely recommend the Japanese baseball experience when you visit Japan.

As a visitor to Japan here is everything you need to know to buy tickets to a Yomiuri Giants baseball game in the Tokyo Dome and to have a great time!

Japan Baseball Tickets Quick Links

If you want to buy your tickets without reading the rest of the article here are the quick links.  There are two main affordable options to purchase your online baseball tickets:

  • The official website is e-tix – it is mostly easy to use but takes a little bit of working out, and if you miss the ticket release date you may quickly miss out being able to purchase tickets.
  • A great alternative option is to purchase reseller tickets using the viaGoGo website – click to see the available ticket options and prices.  The prices are usually reasonable and they have a good reputation, and it is an affordable option to purchase the tickets you want even close to the match date.

If you are interested in staying in hotels near the Tokyo Dome you will be pleased to hear that there are a good range of options available.  Click on this link to see the price and available for a range of hotel options (I have set up this search to focus on hotels around Korakuen Station), and you can also find some alternative options using (search for Tokyo Dome, Bunkyo, Tokyo).

Japanese Baseball Teams

You may be surprised to learn that baseball is the most popular amateur and professional sport in Japan!  There are twelve teams competing in the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization, of which four teams are located in or close to Tokyo.  The twelve teams are described below, including the link through to the team websites – in English where available, and if not available Google Translate will assist you to read the website.

The twelve teams are split into two separate Leagues, the Central League and the Pacific League.

Japanese Baseball TeamsHome GroundHome LocationLeague
Yomiuri GiantsTokyo DomeTokyoPacific League
Yakult SwallowsJingu StadiumTokyoCentral League
DeNA BaystarsYokohama StadiumYokohama, near TokyoCentral League
Lotte MarinesZOZO Marine StadiumChiba, near TokyoPacific League
Saitama Seibu LionsMetLife DomeSeibuPacific League
SoftBank HawksFukuoka Yahuoku! DomeFukuokaPacific League
Hanshin TigersHanshin Koshien StadiumOsakaCentral League
Toyo CarpMAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaHiroshimaCentral League
ORIX BuffaloesKyocera Dome OsakaOsakaPacific League
Chunichi DragonsNagoya DomeNagoyaCentral League
Nippon-Ham FightersSapporo DomeHokkaidoPacific League
Rakuten Golden EaglesKobo Park MiyagiTohokuCentral League

Japanese Baseball Season 2017

The Japanese professional baseball season is held from late March to October, with games taking place on most days of the week apart from Monday.  In 2017 the season starts on 31 March 2017 and finishes on 1 October 2017.  Following completion of the regular season the Climax Series – the league playoffs – are held in late October.

The final stage of the season is the Nippon Series Championship between the league champions, of which the first game of seven is scheduled to commence on 28 October 2017.

You can also see Japanese baseball games during the pre-season, and there are also All-Star games periodically through each year.

Tokyo Dome Baseball Stadium

The Tokyo Dome is the home ground for the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants baseball team.  The Tokyo Dome is a fully enclosed stadium so you can watch the match in comfort regardless of the weather conditions.  The Tokyo Dome has a seating capacity of 55,000 people so every seat is quite close to the action!  The Tokyo Dome is part of the larger Tokyo Dome City entertainment complex which includes an amusement park, hotel, hot springs spa complex and many more activities.

The Tokyo Dome

The Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome Yomiuri Giants Baseball Schedule

The schedule of Yomiuri Giants Baseball team games in the Tokyo Dome can be found on this link – you may also be interested to see how many other events are held in this venue, including many music concerts.

Tokyo Dome Seating and Seat Map

On the Tokyo Dome seating chart you can see that the majority of seats are located on the two sides of the playing triangle closest to the batting area.

Yomiuri Giants Baseball in the Tokyo Dome

Yomiuri Giants Baseball Game in the Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome Ticket Prices

Baseball ticket prices to see the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants playing at the Tokyo Dome range from 1,700 Yen ($US16) to 6,200 Yen ($US57) (including taxes), with higher prices for specific matches.  Be aware that tickets usually sell out quickly following the release of each ticket session.  Tokyo Yomiuri Giants tickets for the Tokyo Dome are usually released approximately 80 days prior to each match.

How to Get to the Tokyo Dome Stadium

The easiest way to get to the Tokyo Dome is to catch the train.  The Tokyo Dome is a 450m walk from Korakuen station on the Metro Maranouchi Line, which is a 9 minute train ride north of Tokyo Station.

Watching the Yomiuri Giants in the Tokyo Dome Baseball - Score!

Watching the Yomiuri Giants baseball team in the Tokyo Dome – Score!

How to Buy Online Yomiuri Giants Baseball Tickets for the Tokyo Dome

There are two main affordable options to purchase your online baseball tickets:

  • The official website is e-tix – it is mostly easy to use but takes a little bit of working out, and if you miss the ticket release date you may quickly miss out being able to purchase tickets.
  • A great alternative option is to purchase reseller tickets using the viaGoGo website – click to see the available ticket options and prices.  The prices are usually reasonable and they have a good reputation, and it is an affordable option to purchase the tickets you want even close to the match date.

How to use the E-tix Booking Website

When we first looked at the e-tix site the tickets for our preferred event were not yet on sale.  When you click on the ‘Buy Tickets’ button it takes you to a month by month schedule page, and if you are not within the booking period it shows a ‘Sold Out’ message which can be confusing.

I sent an email inquiry through the ‘Email Support’ tab to ask when the tickets to our preferred match would go on sale and they responded promptly with this information.

The date our tickets went on sale was approximately 80 days prior to the actual match, so if you are planning to book your own I suggest that you make a similar inquiry so that you are ready to purchase your tickets immediately when they go on sale, otherwise you may miss out if it is a very popular event!

I was not quite as diligent so I only remembered that the tickets went on sale the day after their release date – and as a result while I was actually able to book our tickets, we only had a very limited range of options available, and might have missed out if I had been any later.  If you are looking for a single ticket then look closely in the sections as there were a reasonable number of single tickets available.  As a family of five we had a lot less options…

Selecting Your Seats at the Tokyo Dome

Different ticket locations have different price points.  You can look up this information prior to commencing your purchase on the Ticket Price page.  The total seating capacity of the Tokyo dome is 55,000 people so it is a relatively small stadium which means that every seat is reasonably close to the action.  There are also big screens which project close ups of the match play so that you don’t miss out.  Note that there is a maximum number of tickets you can purchase on the first date that the tickets go on sale, which then increases for subsequent days.

Return to the original page and you can then select the ‘Buy Tickets’ button, which takes you to a calendar section where you select the match you are interested in.  You are then transferred to a page to select your seats.  Note that there can be a ‘Sold Out’ message on the calendar, but when you have a closer look there may still be seats available for sale.

There are two tabs, ‘Location’ and ‘Seating Chart’.  Switch over to the ‘Seating Chart’ page which brings up a graphical map of the Tokyo Dome seating.  You are able to hover over each individual seating section and it will advise whether there are any seats available.  Once you find a section with seating availability, click on the section and a more detailed section seating map appears which shows which seats are still available.  On this page you are able to select the seats you want and then press the ‘Add Tickets’ button at the bottom to add them to your shopping cart.

Purchasing Your Yomiuri Giants Baseball Tickets at the Tokyo Dome

The next screen shows your tickets and provides the options for payment, noting that you still have the option to go and select more seats to add to your purchase if desired.  Your tickets will only hold for 15 minutes so ensure that you complete your transaction within that timeframe otherwise you will have to return to the beginning of the process.

If you are ready to proceed with your purchase you can select any of the ‘Print at Home’, Pickup Tickets at Kiosk’ or ‘Pickup at Outlet’ (which enables you to pick up your tickets at a Seven Eleven store with an additional fee on pick up – a good option if you are already in Japan and do not have access to a printer) options.

Assuming that like me you wish to ‘Print at Home’, select that option and then proceed to the Billing screen.  You need to enter your credit or debit card information, agree with the terms and conditions of sale and then press the ‘Purchase’ button.

From my experience the transaction went smoothly and I quickly received an email confirming my purchase which also included the link to enable me to print our own tickets.  The link worked as advertised and it was very easy to print the tickets.  Fortunately they print the gate, section, aisle and seat information in English so that we were able to work out where to go when we arrived.  The tickets worked well and we had no issues gaining access to the stadium and finding our seats.

How to use the viaGoGo Booking Website

ViaGoGo is a great reliable and affordable option to purchase your Japanese baseball tickets after they have been released for sale.  Click on the link to see the list of upcoming baseball matches in Tokyo sorted by date with pricing information.

Click on the date you are interested in and it takes you to the booking page for that match, which also includes a seating match for the venue.  A pop up asks for information about how many tickets you are interested in purchasing.  Click on the appropriate number to see the available ticket options.  There is a healthy reseller market for the baseball tickets so you should have a reasonable of ticket options available.

After considering the options available click on the ‘View’ button to commence the checkout process.  You can purchase either as a guest or set up an account if you wish.  You then go through a standard shopping cart process to pay for your tickets.

ViaGoGo guarantees provision of the tickets in the week leading up to the event, and in the event that there is a problem guarantees to provide comparable tickets or a refund.  Once you receive your tickets, you print them off and then you are ready to see the baseball match!

Hotels Near the Tokyo Dome

Click on this link to see the price and available for a range of hotel options (I have set up this search to focus on hotels around Korakuen Station), and you can also find some alternative options using (search for Tokyo Dome, Bunkyo, Tokyo).

The nearest hotel to the Tokyo Dome is the Tokyo Dome Hotel, which is within the Tokyo Dome City entertainment complex.  The Tokyo Dome Hotel includes a range of single, double and twin room options and can accommodate a maximum of three people.

Wrap Up

We really enjoyed seeing a Japanese baseball match in a full stadium when we visited, and we also went to see the Sumo Wrestling while we were in Japan.  I have written a similar guide on how to buy your Sumo Wrestling tickets online to help you book in to participate in another amazing Japanese cultural experience.

How to Purchase Online Yomiuri Giants Tickets in the Tokyo Dome

Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links.  If you book after clicking on one of these links then we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Have you purchased tickets to see a big baseball match in the Tokyo Dome?  Please leave a comment below to share your experience.


  • Hey Anne,

    Great to see your Japan trip planning is coming along well. Seeing the Yomiuri Giants will be awesome fun.

    I haven’t purchased tickets for baseball in Tokyo but I did get Sumo tickets in advance when I visited a few years back. We were lucky enough to be visiting during the Grand Championships and luckily I’d done my research put my name of a waitlist for when the tickets went on sale. We ended up with fab seats and really enjoyed our experience.

    This post is so informative and will be so handy for anyone looking to score themselves tickets.

    • Jen, thank you for your comment. We are really looking forward to seeing the craziness of a Japanese baseball game! I have the date the sumo tickets go on sale (which is this week) so hopefully we can get some good seats at a reasonable price.

  • You’re going to love the match guys and I’m so excited that you’re buying tickets for the sumo wrestling. It was one of my top experiences in Japan. They give you headphones and a radio to listen to commentary in English which really adds to the experience 🙂
    Alice Nettleingham recently posted…Sisterhood of the World Bloggers AwardMy Profile

  • This is REALLY great information! We didn’t end up going to a game in Tokyo – saw a game in Osaka instead – but it was tricky finding information and we ended up going to the stadium to buy our tickets. It would’ve been much more difficult to do so in Tokyo and this online info helps lots!
    Carolann & Macrae – One Modern Couple recently posted…Travellers’ Views Of Cultural TaboosMy Profile

    • Carolann and Macrae, thank you for your comment. I also found it difficult to work out how to book tickets so I did a deeper investigation and finally found this option, so hopefully this article can help others to make their bookings more easily.

  • A baseball game in Tokyo sounds like an absolute blast! I’ll look forward to hearing about the game you attended. I couldn’t agree more, going to sporting events is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture. Very through article, I’ll be sure to use this as a guide if I have an opportunity to visit Tokyo!

  • Awesome that it came in under budget! That’s a definite score. I hadn’t previously thought of Japan as a destination for baseball, though am definitely going to look into it now for our upcoming trip. I’ve never been an avid follower of any one sport, though as you mentioned, I do agree with you that witnessing a sporting event is one of the best ways to see the culture of your destination at it’s finest.

    And the atmosphere is always so fab!! Thanks for the great advice 🙂
    Megan Donoghue recently posted…Safety Tips For Personal Safety While TravelingMy Profile

  • zof says:

    I’ve never been to Japan, but I hope to visit it one day. I’ll keep your tip in mind for that day.
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  • I know that when we do travel to Japan, that Justin would LOVE to attend a baseball game there…he’s really big into watching and playing baseball. So these are really helpful tips that I’ll have to remember for when that day comes!
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  • Veronika says:

    HI! I am not big fan of baseball, but I just want to tell you that you are really great planner:) Tokyo is on my list as well.

  • Mia says:

    I would love to go to a Baseball game in Tokyo! I lived there for 3 months, many years ago, but it never occured to me to go to any sporting events. My husband and I are considering a trip to Tokyo since we’ve both been there but never together. I’m going to keep an eye on this as we’re nailiing down our plans. My husband went to a game when he was there on business and he said it was incredible so I’m looking forward to it!
    Mia recently posted…Night Tours in RomeMy Profile

    • Mia, thank you for your comment. When my husband and I heard that the Japanese people are crazy about baseball we decided that it would be great to see a match during our upcoming visit – it is a great way to really see the culture of a place! I hope you have the opportunity to go to a game next time you visit Tokyo!

  • I’ve been to Tokyo twice but never to a sporting event there. Sumo Wrestling seemed like the best choice until I read your post. Great idea to attend a baseball game given how much the Japanese are into it. I hope you have an incredible trip.
    Elaine J. Masters recently posted…An indispensable accessory – Your travel pillowMy Profile

    • Elaine, thank you for your comment. We are going to the sumo wrestling too – when I was panning our trip itinerary I researched when both events were on so that I could plan our time in Tokyo to attend both events. We are really looking forward to our trip, it is not long to go now!

  • My son started playing T Ball last summer and is continuing this summer. I am hoping that we will go and we will go and see our first official baseball game this season (though not in Japan).

  • Fairlie says:

    We saw the Tokyo Giants vs Hiroshimi Carp at Tokyo Dome in June. To be honest, most of the experience for us was watching the crowd and all the stadium action, rather than the game itself (which was an extremely low-scoring one). And while the stadium is relatively small we didn’t feel at all close to the action in our seats which were up high (Block E22). The seating is mostly on two sides of the field, so that the seating on those two sides seemed equivalent to a much bigger stadium which would have seating right around the field. However, it didn’t matter for us – just the atmosphere and noise and drama was enough! There’s a whole complex of entertainment options around the stadium itself too – rollercoasters etc.

    • Fairlie, thank you for your comment. It is great to hear what your experience was like – we are also booked for seats which are up in the higher sections so I expect we will have a similar experience. I am really looking froward to seeing the local crowd in action!

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