Wrap Up: Rome Wasn’t Built (or Visited!) in a Day

View over the Roman Forum from Colosseum, Rome
View over the Roman Forum from Colosseum, Rome

You can’t visit Rome without being almost overwhelmed by history.  At every turn there is yet another historical artefact and story which can boggle the mind.

I have found three great articles to help you to make the most of your visit to Rome.  Having already visited Rome twice myself the first article will help guide you through the ten ‘must visit’ sites of Rome, and the subsequent two articles have more detail about visiting the Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum.

The Colosseum, Rome
The Colosseum, Rome

Rome is Iconic for a Reason

Paula McInerney from the Contented Traveller blog shares her view of why Rome is such an iconic destination.

Rome has always been known as the eternal city, even in ancient times. The Romans considered themselves invincible and for a long time they were. There were many reasons for its decline and eventual fall, but regardless the legacy that they leave has made one of the most enticing cities to visit.

Travellers may say that Rome has become too touristy, too commercial and too crowded and they would not be incorrect at all.  However .. I and many other people want to see all that once stood for this mighty and powerful empire. There are reasons that things are iconic and Rome is itself one huge living icon.

Wherever you look you will find something of historical significance that will overwhelm you as it did me. There is no getting past the fact that Rome is steeped in history. Rome was once the leading empire in the western world and to see it all is simply spectacular.

If “All roads lead to Rome” then I say good. This is a look at some of the architecture of this amazing city, the very icons of what is Rome and why people flock to the eternal city.  Read more about the ten amazing main attractions in iconic Rome…

The Pantheon, Rome
The Pantheon, Rome
View from the top of St Peters, Vatican City, Rome
View from the top of St Peters, Vatican City, Rome

The Roman Forum – A Guided Tour Through the Present and the Past

Jeff Titelius from the EuroTravelogue blog shares a detailed guide with lovely photos through the Roman Forum.

Standing testament for more than 2,000 years to a time when Rome held the world within its mighty grasp—the Roman Forum offers us a glimpse back in time, back to the glory days of the eternal city, back to when all roads led to Rome, back to when this small patch of earth was THE center of all civilization. From the Roman Colosseum to Capitoline Hill, we’ll walk along Via Sacre or the Sacred Way just as the ancient Romans did and discover relics and ruins dating back to Caesar, Nero and Constantine. We’ll explore monuments and sculptures and fascinating remains of colossal basilicas as well.

Grab your guidebooks…what you don’t have one? Well, I strongly recommend you have some sort of guide so you are armed with the knowledge of what you’re actually looking at. So, you can print out this article, purchase a guide book from a local vendor or bring along a Rick Steves guide [the best and most detailed] like I did. Although this article may be a little long, I feel it is important to not only identify some the main sites but explain their significance in history.

Now we embark on our journey—back 2,000 years on your guided tour through the Roman Forum.  Read more about the Roman Forum…

View over the Roman Forum from Colosseum, Rome
View over the Roman Forum from Colosseum, Rome

10 Things To Show Your Kids (& You) At The Trevi Fountain

Stacey Veikalas from the Baskets Life Travel blog shares a great informative article on the how to have a closer look at the Trevi Fountain and better understand the history and symbolism presented.

A few years ago we found ourselves in Rome, with our 2 boys. While Benas and I are happy to wander around the streets just gazing at the beauty of Italy ~ ummm the boys~ not so much! Of course, be honest, it is more fun for all of us when we know what we are looking at, right? So, we are always looking for interesting information that will keep the kids (and us) engaged, and to help remember what they have seen!

Here are the ten things we told our kids to find at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Feel free to join in our scavenger hunt!  Read more about the 10 features of the Trevi Fountain…

Trevi Fountain, Rome
Trevi Fountain, Rome

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Have you also explore Rome to the max?  Or has this article now inspired you visit Rome?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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