Best Travel Bag and Luggage for Your Japan Trip

Best Travel Bags and Luggage for Your Japan Trip

A good general principle when considering your travel bag and luggage for Japan and Tokyo is to pack as light as you can manage. Most visitors to Japan will utilise public transport during their visit, which requires lots of walking, climbing steps and getting around. The Japan and Tokyo public transport system can get quite … Read more

The Ultimate Quick List of What to Pack for Japan and Tokyo – Including Printable

What to Pack for Japan and Tokyo

If you are reading this article I expect that you have already completed booking your trip to Japan and are in the final stages of thinking about what you need to pack for your trip to Japan – some of you are looking at this article for the first time three months before you depart … Read more

Wrap Up: Best Packing Light Tips for Travellers

Packing Light when Travelling

I always aim to pack light for every trip.  But I rarely go on a trip where I feel that I have reached the packing light nirvana. Many bloggers have written articles with packing light tips which can help you to aspire to the true freedom of travelling with minimal encumbrances.  Here are some different … Read more

7 Deadly Sins of Travel Packing

Packing Light when Travelling

We struggled miserably up the five flights of stairs to our pensione in Vernazza as a result of hand-carrying the two extra bags we had purchased along the way through France. Both of our backpacks were backsprain-inducing heavy and I couldn’t understand why we had so much stuff after only three weeks of travelling. Our initial load of one medium sized backpack each should have sufficed for our trip.