The Ultimate Sydney Beachside Holiday – Without the Traffic Jam!

Dusk over North Narrabeen Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Picture the perfect Sydney beach moment.  Swimming with your children in the crystal clear water in the gentle surf on a glorious 27 degree mid-Autumn day during the school holidays.  Let your mind stretch to also see a long stretch of golden beach with only a few other people around. And a caravan and camping holiday … Read more

11 Essentials for an Authentic Aussie Christmas Season

New Years Eve in Sydney Australia

My husband excitedly mentioned that The Ashes test cricket series was about to commence.  Inside I cringed with dread whilst trying to respond positively to his excitement.  But while I personally find cricket boring it is also a signal that summer is commencing and that it is almost the Christmas holiday season! In Australia Christmas … Read more

6 Super Australian Sand Dune Slides You Haven’t Tried Yet

6 Super Australian Sand Dune Slides

The steep divots up the red sand dune seemed to go on forever. On what felt like my 100th trek up the hill with my surprisingly energetic children I decided that this was the last time. After finally reaching the top I took a moment to catch my breath with a side benefit of being able to enjoy the amazing view across the red sand dunes.