Best Japan Family Holiday Package Tours for 2020

Best Japan Family Holiday Package Tours

Japan is an amazing destination to visit, but as a typically time-poor family sometimes you want someone else to make all of the arrangements. In addition, the benefit of being escorted by a guide means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how the system in Japan works (which can sometimes … Read more

Wrap Up: Travelling in Japan on a Budget

Mt. Fuji viewed from Chureito Pagoda in Japan

The thought of visiting Japan for the first time and having the opportunity to see Mt Fuji, maybe see the snow monkeys and experience the diverse Japanese culture is attractive.  But Japan is notoriously expensive which creates a barrier to even thinking about Japan as a holiday destination, let alone for a family of five … Read more

How to Avoid Tourists When You Travel

Standing in the lengthy summer queue to catch the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower was mindlessly boring. Standing under the hot sweaty sun and being assailed by illegal street vendors, touts and thieves was not my idea of a good holiday.

The lengthy tedium inspired fond recollections of the at-odds pleasure we had experienced only a few days ago on the London Eye where we had enjoyed walking straight onto our own private pod by choosing to visit just prior to sunset. The stark difference in experiences reaffirmed that avoiding peak times was well worth it.