Planning a Mini Road Trip: Canberra and the Snowy Mountains

View over the Snowy Mountains in Australia

For a few years I have had an aspiration to do the walk to the highest mountain peak in Australia, (no I can’t spell it without spell check either) Mt Kosciusko.  At the grand height of 2,228m (7,309ft) it is on a small scale compared to significantly higher peaks of other continents.  The great thing … Read more

Wrap Up: How to Indulge in Over 100 New Zealand Hot Springs

New Zealand Hot Spring and Spa

You can’t visit New Zealand without indulging in at least one hot spring.  New Zealand is a volcanic country so hot springs are everywhere.  They range from the luxurious manicured hot springs of the Rotorua region to ‘locals only’ free hot springs within beaches, rivers and other nooks and crannies.  If you love to hike … Read more

Wrap Up: Rome Wasn’t Built (or Visited!) in a Day

View over the Roman Forum from Colosseum, Rome

You can’t visit Rome without being almost overwhelmed by history.  At every turn there is yet another historical artefact and story which can boggle the mind. I have found three great articles to help you to make the most of your visit to Rome.  Having already visited Rome twice myself the first article will help … Read more

The Ultimate Sydney Beachside Holiday – Without the Traffic Jam!

Dusk over North Narrabeen Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Picture the perfect Sydney beach moment.  Swimming with your children in the crystal clear water in the gentle surf on a glorious 27 degree mid-Autumn day during the school holidays.  Let your mind stretch to also see a long stretch of golden beach with only a few other people around. And a caravan and camping holiday … Read more

Wrap Up: Best Vietnam Travel Tips

A view over Halong Bay in Vietnam

The thought of visiting Vietnam conjures images of hustle bustle cities, amazing landscapes and fantastic food. We are currently thinking about Vietnam as a possible option for our next family holiday, and I came across three great articles to share with to help fire your inspiration to visit this amazing country. Vietnam Fantasy Five: The … Read more

Review: Brisbane CityCycle Bicycle Hire Scheme

Pleasant Cycling along the Traffic Free Bicentennial Cycleway in Brisbane

I felt like I was flying along the bike path as the glowing sun rose over the mirror-like surface of the Brisbane River.  The sensations of those perfect moments created a sustained feeling of joy as I moved through the rest of my week. I recently visited Brisbane for a week and was staying in … Read more

11 Essentials for an Authentic Aussie Christmas Season

New Years Eve in Sydney Australia

My husband excitedly mentioned that The Ashes test cricket series was about to commence.  Inside I cringed with dread whilst trying to respond positively to his excitement.  But while I personally find cricket boring it is also a signal that summer is commencing and that it is almost the Christmas holiday season! In Australia Christmas … Read more

8 Seriously Scary Australian Animals (Or Are They?)

Taipan Snake, Australia

The boat carefully edged into the verdant deceptively peaceful Kakadu billabong whilst we kept a close watch for the apex predator.  Our guide called ‘over there’!  The massive deadly saltwater crocodile calmly watched us with thoughts of dinner in his eyes.  I restrained my internal shudder resulting from being so close to such a dangerous … Read more

10 More Hedonistic Australian Hot Springs You Haven’t Tried Yet

Zebedee Hot Springs at El Questro Station, Western Australia

In most countries there is a definable link between volcanic activity and hot springs.  Australia is the exception to the rule as there are no live volcanos on continental Australia.  Yet there are a surprising number of hot springs across the Australian continent. Australian hot springs come in one of three types.  The first type … Read more