How to Confidently Change or Cancel Your Trip

The breaking news hit me with a bang. With only one month to go until our meticulously planned trip to New Zealand a major earthquake had struck Christchurch causing significant damage.

You have been planning and booking your dream trip and suddenly your life or your destination situation changes. You need to either cancel your trip outright or make major changes. How can you make the changes or cancellations with confidence?

Departure Preparation: Register Your Travel Plans

While you away on your vacation how does your government know that you might need help if a natural disaster, conflict or terrorist attack occurs?  An essential pre-departure activity is to register your travel plans with your government. Most governments offer a service for travel registration so that they can contact you in the event … Read more

Travel Safety: Essential Research Before You Start Booking

Travel Safely

Before you start planning and booking your trip, it is worthwhile to review the official travel advice from government sources.  While government advice is traditionally quite conservative, the advice also includes additional information to minimise your travel risks, and details how to contact your embassy in the event you have a problem.  You should also … Read more