How to Explore the National Mall in Washington DC Without a Guidebook

How To Explore the National Mall in Washington DC Without a Guidebook

It felt somewhat surreal as I took in the amazing blue sky view over the National Mall from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.  Having a short window of time to explore such a significant location had been an unexpected surprise and a real pleasure. My opportunity to explore Washington DC arose … Read more

Why Every Australian Should Visit the Australian War Memorial

Our Guide explaining about the Roll of Honour to Our Son

On the first look it was an amazing display.  Seeing the famous G for George Lancaster bomber aircraft still standing after so many missions and the amazing ambience and audio visual display was great.  On the second look and reflection it was a heart-wrenching display.  Seeing how so many Australians and other nationalities had fought … Read more

Wrap Up: Rome Wasn’t Built (or Visited!) in a Day

View over the Roman Forum from Colosseum, Rome

You can’t visit Rome without being almost overwhelmed by history.  At every turn there is yet another historical artefact and story which can boggle the mind. I have found three great articles to help you to make the most of your visit to Rome.  Having already visited Rome twice myself the first article will help … Read more