How to Buy Sumo Wrestling Online Tickets in 2020

When we were planning our recent trip to Japan we decided early that we were keen to see a sumo wrestling tournament in Tokyo during our visit as a different way to experience the Japanese culture – and it certainly was a great experience which I would definitely recommend to other visitors to Japan! You … Read more

How to Buy Universal Studios Japan Tickets and Express Passes in 2020

How to Buy Universal Studios Japan Tickets and Express Passes

We were poorly organised when we visited Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.  While I had done a lot of research on most of our planned destinations for some reason I did not spend much time on USJ – and we paid the price.  We did not buy our tickets in advance, we did not know … Read more

The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Australia Zoo near Brisbane

The Ultimate Local's Guide to Australia Zoo

I am going to be blunt – crocodiles scare me.  Having visited Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory multiple times, I have a healthy respect for these prolific apex predators.  If you want to learn more about crocodiles then Australia Zoo is the iconic place to visit as a result of Steve Irwin’s popular … Read more

How to Buy Tokyo Baseball Tickets Including Yomiuri Giants Tickets in 2020

How to Buy Tokyo Baseball Tickets including Yomiuri Giants

Baseball is the most popular amateur and professional sport in Japan and we can confirm that Japanese baseball games are an amazing experience!  After hearing about the Japanese love of baseball, we definitely wanted to attend a baseball game during our family trip to Japan.  We ended up attending a sold-out match between the Yomiuri … Read more