Best Mt Fuji One Day Tour from Tokyo for 2020

Best Mt Fuji One Day Tour from Tokyo

A common question that I receive from people planning to travel to Japan is a request for assistance to find the best day tour option to visit Mt Fuji.  There are a large number of options available, and while you can also visit Mt Fuji independently, a tour provides a great option to check out … Read more

How to Visit Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park from Tokyo and Nagano in 2020

How to Visit Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park from Tokyo and Nagano

Walking to see snow monkeys in the Jigokudani Monkey Park was like a dream come true.  After seeing the iconic image of the Japanese snow monkeys we had finally achieved our goal to see them with our own eyes, and they did not disappoint.  The group of 30 to 40 monkeys was fascinating to observe … Read more

Top 3 Snow Play, Skiing and Snowboarding Day Tours From Tokyo

Top 3 Snow Play, Skiing and Snowboarding Day Tours from Tokyo

Visitors to Japan may not realise that even from Tokyo there are some great day tour options to visit the snow nearby at Mt Fuji, and either ski, snowboard or just play in the snow. In addition, if you want to get some real snow there is a great day tour option via shinkansen to visit … Read more

Best Japan Family Holiday Package Tours for 2020

Best Japan Family Holiday Package Tours

Japan is an amazing destination to visit, but as a typically time-poor family sometimes you want someone else to make all of the arrangements. In addition, the benefit of being escorted by a guide means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how the system in Japan works (which can sometimes … Read more

Heading to Japan? Want to Find the Best Japan Tours for 2020? Read This.

Best Japan Tours

Japan is an awesome place to visit, however due to the language barrier it can be a bit more complicated to work out your trip than many other destinations.  For many people the option to book a package tour is attractive as you only need to make one booking rather than many, and you also … Read more

The Essential Guide to 10 Days in Japan for First Time Visitors

The Essential Guide to 10 Days in Japan for First Time Visitors

As a first time visitor to Japan it can be difficult to put together a 10 day itinerary which will work for you.  There are so many choices and options!  To help you to develop your own itinerary I have put together three sample itineraries for first timers which can then be easily tailored to … Read more

How to Have an Amazing Wilderness Experience with Tours Expedition Ottawa

Review - Tours Expedition Ottawa

As we hiked through the gentle undulating trail through the quiet maple forest I felt pleased that I had made the effort to explore outside the city of Ottawa in Canada.  After a week of significant long distance travel and high intensity activities the hike was a perfect option to refresh and take the opportunity to see … Read more

8 Tranquil Australian Treetop Adventures You Haven’t Tried Yet

Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, Western Australia

Every turn through the rainforest treetops revealed new treasures.  We felt a sense of awe from being so high above the forest floor.  Our elevated walking tour through the quiet canopy of the Otway rainforest brought me an unexpected sense of serenity. Walking on the ground through a forest is a wonderful experience. Having the … Read more

Road Trip to Outback Australia: White Cliffs, Broken Hill, Mildura and Mungo National Park

White Cliffs, Outback Australia

The thought of driving over 3000km (1900 miles) in only twelve days was confronting. To my dismay I had agreed with my husband to go on a road trip to outback Australia with our three young children in tow.