Wrap Up: Travel Disasters

If you are a detailed travel planner you can sometimes develop a false sense of invincibility when you travel.  When everything works out perfectly you can rightly be lauded for putting together such a smooth well planned trip.

Wrap up - Travel Disasters

When things go off track the sign of a truly resilient traveller is your ability to cope with the unexpected and find other options.  And often those moments are the ones which become your memorable travel moments – as they open the door to the unexpected and many times it is far better than you could ever have planned!

Here are four great articles about travel disasters and mistakes from some of my favourite travel bloggers.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

My Ten Worst Travel Experiences and Worst Travel Experiences Part 2 – Travel Bloggers Share!

Sharon Gourlay from the Where’s Sharon travel blog shares two great posts about worst travel experiences.  In the first article Sharon shares her personal ten worst travel experiences, and in the second article Sharon shares the worst travel experiences of ten other travel bloggers.  Read’em and weep…

Travel is not always fun, in fact sometimes it’s bloody horrible.  It’s easy to focus on the good because, thankfully, mostly travel is awesome. There are some experiences I never want to live again though.  My tag line for this site states that I will share the good, the bad and the ugly of travel – here is the ugly!  Read more about Sharon’s top ten worst travel experiences…

After the surprise popularity of my ten worst travel experiences post, I thought I would ask other people what their worst travel experiences were.  Read more about what fellow travel bloggers shared with Sharon…

Turning a Travel Disaster Into a Great Adventure

Mandie Sanders from the Rambling Mandie travel blog shares the story about how a cheap bus fare in Europe actually cost more money than a more expensive transportation option – but how that travel disaster enabled her to form new bonds of friendship and a feeling of triumph over adversity!

Travel can be exhilarating, eye-opening, and full of breathtaking moments. It can also be frustrating, panic-inducing, and downright miserable at times. And no trip would be complete with a disaster or two.

Like the time when you’re standing along the road at 12:30 am waiting for a bus that should have left an hour ago, and you’ve got the sinking feeling that it’s not going to show up. Again.

I was supposed to leave Budapest Sunday night on the night bus to Prague.

Random Budget Travel Tip: Take overnight trains or buses – they save you a night’s accommodation. 

Read more about what Mandie really experienced after waiting for that midnight bus to Prague…

The Best Travel Mistake I Ever Made

Amanda Geronikos shares her best travel mistake on the Independent Traveler blog.  Have you ever missed the last train/other public transport to depart your location?  It just goes to show that you have the best experiences when you make the most of the moment at hand and just go with the flow!

I’ve made plenty of mistakes while traveling. I’ve forgotten everything from a computer charger to a camera, and I’ve scheduled flights so close together that more than once I’ve pulled what I call “the ‘Home Alone’ run,” in which I scurry through the airport like the McCallisters, just barely making it to the gate before it closes.

On a recent trip to Italy, I made one of my biggest mistakes yet — but it led to one of my fondest travel memories to date.  Read more about Amanda’s memorable travel experience which resulted from missing the last cable car of the day…

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Have you ever had a travel disaster or mistake?  Please share your experience in the comments below.

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