Travel Planning Templates


By doing some initial planning you can quickly make a decision on whether to book that flight.

When you first start planning your dream trip the first question that you usually (should) be asking yourself is how long do I plan to be away and how much will the trip cost?

It is easy to be inspired to travel when you see an absolute steal of an airfare, without realising that your total trip cost is likely to cost a surprising amount of money in addition to that airfare.

Over time and many trips I have developed a spreadsheet based travel planning template which I use for all of our trips.  I use a spreadsheet which anyone with basic spreadsheet skills should be able to easily use.

For me planning a trip is almost as much fun as actually going – the process to research and put together a trip and discover a new part of the world is great.  And I also really love it when we arrive and we can step off the airplane with a sense of confidence that we are ready to start exploring!

So I hope that these templates will help you to start planning your trip and bring it to fruition.

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